Business plan monitoring

Monitoring and implementation of the Business Plan of the most important TPL operator in Romagna.


The objective of the assignment is to enable the effective and rapid start-up of the efficiencies envisaged in the 2022-2025 Business Plan by providing an operational tool that can facilitate, during the implementation phase of the Plan, the monitoring of the progress of individual lines of business, highlighting any critical issues, delays, obstacles, and corrective actions.

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Definition of an Operational Plan for the implementation of the Industrial Plan and monitoring of the progress of the individual lines of business

The efficiency actions included in the Business Plan have been broken down into:

  • at individual interventions and the respective detailed activities, with an indication of any links between them (preparatory, parallel, input activities, etc.);
  • in the responsible subjects;;
  • in the timing of the implementation of the activities;
  • in the qualitative and quantitative objectives expected for each area of intervention.

The definition of the detailed intervention plan was aimed at providing a document capable of facilitating the monitoring activity, the responsibilities were clearly identified and the tasks segmented in order to anticipate the detection of the critical issues and the interconnections between the actions.

In monitoring the interventions expected in the Business Plan, support was given to the Company's Management in order to facilitate and optimize the information flows between those responsible for the individual actions, highlighting any critical issues, slippages, obstacles and objectives achieved.

The main periodic activities are:

  • collection and analysis of the situation of the various lines of intervention in terms of progress;
  • analysis of critical issues and deviations from the planned and support in the reformulation of corrective actions.
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In order to facilitate the sharing of the progress of the Business Plan and the decision-making process, reports were produced on a six-monthly basis.

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Update of the Business Plan

On the basis of the results of the first year of implementation of the Business Plan, the actions envisaged in the Plan will be updated and, at the same time, a new forecast economic-financial plan will be drawn up.