Case Studies

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Market Analysis

Market Analysis of the Italian LPT system in order to spot new business opportunities for an international operator.
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Industrial Business Plan

Draft, monitoring and implementation of the industrial business plan for one of the biggest LPT operators in Emilia-Romagna.
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Tender Advisory

Technical-legal assistance for the tender procedure for the assignment of urban and suburban LPT services in a large city in Northern Italy
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Elaboration of the Restructuring Plan of the companies of a large group in central Italy. Definition of economic, organizational and corporate restructuring measures

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Feasibility Study

Economic-financial feasibility study for the conversion of the ferry propulsion from diesel to LNG for the LPT service for an operator in Emilia-Romagna
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Project Financing

Preparation of the economic-financial plan as part of the project financing for the construction of a new tramway in the municipality of Bolzano
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Market Analysis

Market analysis of the trolleybus sector for a leader in the automotive sector
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Personnel reorganization project

Mapping of the workloads of facility personnel and workshop personnel and definition of the optimal organizational structure for an operator in Northern Italy

Strategic Plan

Elaboration of a strategic plan aimed at relaunching the role of the Regional Mobility Agency in the process of reorganizing the mobility system of the Lazio Region
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M&A project

Assistance in the merger and incorporation project of the business branches of three LPT operators in the provinces of Modena, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia

Due Diligence

Assisting an international operator in the acquisition of a company to obtain synergies in the context of future tenders

Fleet Evaluation

Valorisation of vehicle fleet for insurance purposes and definition of divestment strategy for an operator in Northern Italy


Business plan monitoring

Monitoring and implementation of Industrial Plan of the most important LPT operator in Romagna

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Financial Due Diligence

Financial due diligence aimed at the sale of the Rome-Lido and Rome-Viterbo railways business unit