Market Analysis

Market analysis of the trolleybus sector for a leader company in the automotive sector.


As part of its international expansion strategy, the company wanted to verify trolleybus market opportunities for the coming years in its main markets in Europe. The analysis focused on two of Europe's most important trolleybus markets: Greece and France.

The purpose of the analysis is to define trolleybus sales forecasts in the relevant markets for the next five years.

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Italian trolleybys market overview

​In order to identify an overview of the Italian trolleybus market, the following analysis were conducted: 

  • A historical analysis of market volumes (units);

  • An analysis of the current size of the market (number of trolleybus fleets).

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    Overview of the trolley systems present in the target markets

    • Definition of a list of cities where trolleybuses operate, as part of the public transport system;

    • Detailed description of the main characteristics of trolleybus systems.

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    Key market trends & future market developments

    In this phase, the following have been identified:

    • Future developments;
    • Main drivers and trends;
    • Main market constraints.
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    Estimates and forecasts of the trolleybus market in the target market

    In this phase, on the basis of the analyzes conducted, market forecasts were estimated in terms of product units and registrations for the next 5 years.

    As far as the Greek market is concerned, PNRR funds remain a key driver in the development and renewal of the public transport network. On the other hand, in the French market, it will be the technological driver that will compel the registrations of full-electric trolleybuses for the next few years, with the aim of standardizing the fleet towards forms of green mobility.