Tender Advisory

Technical-legal assistance for the tender procedure for the assignment of urban and suburban LPT services in a large city in Northern Italy.

The technical-legal assistance for the tender procedure was carried out with the following activities:

  1. Analysis of the correct assessment of the requests of the Tender Specifications and of the correct interpretation of the criteria for assigning the scores provided for in the technical specifications;
  2. Technical-legal assistance for the formulation of any questions or clarifications to the contracting station;
  3. Support for the elaboration of the technical offer, and any related annexes, according to the scheme provided by the technical tender specifications;
  4. Assistance in the elaboration of the Financial Economic Plan (PEF) relating to the lot service;
  5. Support in the technical-economic evaluation of the bus investments to be offered in the technical offer;
  6. Analysis of the possible economic-financial impacts of the proposals included in the technical offer, preparatory to the definition of the economic offer;
  7. Evaluation of the possible competition strategies of the competitors.