Market Analysis

Market analysis of the Italian LPT in order to identify business opportunities for an international operator.


An international LPT operator requested an analysis of the Italian public transport market in order to acquire an Italian operator.

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Italian Public Transport market overview

A first overview of the Italian LPT market has been described including, for each Region. Functional KPIs to give an idea of the individual areas:

  • Total bus km;
  • total contributions;
  • €/km of contributions;
  • Tariff revenues;
  • €/km of tariff revenues;
  • Number of operators, employees and buses.
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Overview of tenders in the coming years (2022-2023)

At this point,in order to direct choices and business opportunities, the Italian Regions where public transport tenders will take place in the coming years have been identified.

Two Regions were selected: Lombardy and Basilicata.

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Tenders overview from 2024

The mapping of the tenders that will be put in place starting from 2024 involved the regions of central and northern Italy.

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General mapping of public operators in Italy

The results

Basco&T was able to guide the operator's strategic decisions in opening a new market in Italy


Choice of target areas

The Northern and Central regions have become the target areas in line with the corporate strategy.


Choice of strategy

Entering Italy through the acquisition of profitable medium-sized companies in strategically targeted regions


Choice of target companies to acquire