Strategic Plan

Elaboration of a strategic plan aimed at relaunching the role of the Regional Mobility Agency in the process of reorganizing the mobility system of the Lazio Region.


The objective of the assignment was to identify the best strategy to implement in order to streamline the planning and monitoring of regional public transport, and to re-launch the strategic role of a Regional Agency in the process of reorganizing the Region's mobility system.

n.1 1

Analysis of the current situation of public transport in the Lazio Region

This stage of work is aimed at reconstructing a precise snapshot of the current structure of public transport in Lazio, in order to have all the elements useful for a critical diagnosis of the existing situation and therefore for the subsequent formulation of the reorganization plan.

The activity consisted in the reconstruction of the main descriptive elements of the services provided in the verification of the trend of the main market parameters of production and management. These data will be compared with a national benchmark.

n.2 1

Analysis of the Italian reference context

This stage of work is aimed at reconstruct the different organizational methods chosen by the main Italian regions in terms of reorganization of the LPT. The analysis made it possible to identify the possibly replicable ones in the Lazio context.

In particular, the following aspects were investigated:

  • regional reference legislation;

  • structure, role and responsibilities of the entities responsible for planning and controlling local public transport;

  • analysis of service assignment methods;

  • organizational structure of LPT operators.

n.3 1

Analysis of the current Governance of the Lazio LPT and of the role played by AREMOL

This stage of work is aimed at precisely rebuilding the current Governance of the Lazio LPT. Therefore, the role of AREMOL was reconstructed in relation to the other actors involved in the decision-making process of regional mobility, in order to highlight any critical issues and points of attention. In particular, all aspects of the decision-making process in terms of planning, monitoring and awarding of the regional public transport service were analysed.

n.4 1

Analysis of the current Governance of the Lazio LPT and of the role played by AREMOL

Based on the results of the previous phases it was proposed an organic process of reorganization of the regional mobility system focused on the review of the role played by the Regional Mobility Agency vis-à-vis the current actors involved: Region, EELL, transport companies.

The objectives and actions proposed in the reorganization process constituted a technical tool to stimulate, also at a legislative level, a process of revision of the regional legislation of reference and therefore relaunch the strategic role of the Regional Mobility Agency in this process.


Definition of the organizational structure of the Regional Mobility Agency

Based on the role of the Regional Mobility Agency that was outlined in the previous phase, it was also defined the new organizational structure of the agency and a rough estimate of the related operating costs. The new organizational chart and the related general function chart were therefore structured on the basis of the activities and functions that the agency will carry out, so that there is consistency between the functions and the organizational structure, both in terms of personnel and necessary professionalism.

The results

asco&T was able to guide the strategic decisions of the Regional Agency


Elaboration of an analysis instrument

Provided a technical tool for analyzing the current LPT context in the Lazio region able to define ideas and proposals aimed at influencing the choices that will be made, also at a legislative level, on the development of LPT in the Region


Outlined the critical elements of the Governance system

A revision process has been proposed which envisages a stronger role for the regional mobility agency


Proposed a dialogue with the Region, Mobility Agencies, and EELL interested

In order to identify a path for the reorganization of the current Lazio LPT operators